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How to Drink Loose Leaf Tea to Shed Some Extra Pounds

Did you know that after water, tea is the most consumed beverage around the world? For some people, a hot, steaming, aromatic cup of tea is their all-time favorite. But let’s face it; we tend to choose convenience over health. We opt for a quick fix by using a tea bag. But is it always the healthier option?

Switching to loose leaf tea will be the best choice you make.

The quality of loose leaf tea is higher than the tea in tea bags. It provides better flavor, enhanced aroma, greater health benefits, and more varieties for you to explore. So remember, patience is the key. Some studies also suggest that drinking loose leaf tea may encourage weight loss and help reduce belly fat.

Make it a habit of drinking two cups of loose leaf tea a day to manage your weight!

Below are loose leaf teas that can help you shed some extra pounds. If you like a stronger tea, remember, a longer steep does not increase the flavor – adding more tea is the secret. We prefer to use our tea maker to steep our daily cups of tea, but if you don't yet have one, you can follow the methods below:

Green Tea

Things you’ll need
 Water – 1 cup
 Green tea leaves – 1 tsp
 Lemon (optional)

Most green teas are best when brewed well below boiling temp,  somewhere between 150 F and 180 F. It's better to err on the side of lower temperatures with green tea. If it tastes bitter or overly grassy, try brewing it at a lower temperature.  Add 1 tsp of green tea leaves to your water. Let it steep for about 3 minutes. Strain the tea leaves and your cup of soothing green tea is ready. Enhance the flavor by squeezing half a lemon in your tea. To order green tea now, visit Tealeavz – Green Tea Collection

Black Tea

Things you’ll need
 Water – 1 cup
 Black tea leaves – ½ tsp
 Honey (optional)

Boil a cup of water in a pan. Add black tea leaves and stir on a medium flame for 1 to 2 minutes. Strain the tea and consume the infused goodness. If black tea seems bitter to you, it may be that you are steeping it too long. Trying shortening the steep or adding some honey to soften the flavor. To order black tea now, visit Tealeavz – Black Tea Collection

Oolong Tea

Things you’ll need
 Water – 1 cup
 Oolong tea leaves – 2 tsp

In a pan, boil a cup of water. Pour the water in a cup and add the oolong tea leaves. Let it steep for about 3 minutes. Sieve and sip. The key with oolong is that it can increase fat burning by speeding up your metabolism. To order oolong tea now, visit Tealeavz – Oolong Tea Collection

White Tea

Things you’ll need
 White tea leaves – 1 tbsp
 Water – 1 cup
 Orange juice (optional)

Put the white tea leaves in a cup and pour one cup of hot water in it. White tea is best brewed with water that is below boiling. Allow it to steep for 3 to 4 minutes. Strain in a cup and enjoy its wonderful essence. If you prefer citrus flavored tea, squeeze some orange juice in your white tea to use it as a natural sweetener. To order white tea now, visit Tealeavz – White Tea Collection

The delicious and soothing taste of loose leaf tea may be the sole reason you drink it but it also comes with a lot of health benefits. Coupled with a healthy diet and routine exercises, these teas might be your solution to a smaller waist!


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Delightful Tea

The Vanilla Matcha Green tea is a sweet, creamy delight!!! I mix it with other teas to get a smoother, creamy tea with a sweet touch..& so good for you as only green tea can be!! Love it!!

Love your creative blending Martha - Happy you are enjoying our Sweet Green Matcha!!
Ok, but not my cup of tea

I do like the apple notes, but for some reason I keep getting overpowering bitter notes from something in the tea at all temps and steeping times. Have mixed it with Samurai Mate and it does help a little bit with muting the bitter notes but still there.

Loose leaf tea flavors are such a personal preference Andrew - great idea on the blend! Try blending the Samurai Spirit Mate with White Ayurvedic Chai...I think you’d enjoy that - it is a customer fave! (And mine too!)


Love the teas

Great flavor really fresh news nicely and steeps to taste good

Thank you Connie!
Great option for those that miss the Teavana White Ayuervedic tea

I purchased this as I missed the Teavana White Ayuervedic tea during my normal mornings, instead of coffee. This hits all the right notes of warmth and spice that I was hoping it would. Mixed with the Samurai Mate, it brings it to a whole other level.

Thank you Andrew - I love that you blend of White Ayurvedic with our Samurai Spirit Mate! My fave!