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Are you a coffee addict as I was?

Are you a coffee addict as I was?
Whether you refer to it as a craving, a daily tradition or a “need”, it is such a common ritual, it has become almost involuntary. You get up each morning, pet the dog, grab the news, maybe even get in your morning run, but then you reach for it. That habitual cup of coffee. It smells gooooood. It tastes gooooood. But what happens...
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A Harvest Treat!

This is a wonderfully fragrant chai! It tastes amazing too. Like a cider and chai combined. A little honey and milk and you have a cozy and soothing drink!

Thank you Audrey! Great idea with the honey and milk!

This tea was absolutely amazing!

Thanks Melody! Glad you are enjoying our Tealeavz White Ayurvedic! Next time, try blending it with some Samurai Spirit Maté - they really complement each other nicely -

Very tasty and such great quality!! Im so happy i found this website!! They exceed expectations

We're so happy you found Tealeavz as well Zena! Enjoy!
Cold-Brew Pouch/Berry

Excellent iced tea!

Thanks Sue! What I love about it is it is naturally sweet and refreshing without added sugar - :)
Ayurvedic White Tea

Nice smooth flavor. Will buy again.

Hi Yvette! So glad you love the flavor of our White Ayurvedic - let us know when you need a refill! Happy steeping! Diana