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  • earl grey tea cookies

    Earl Grey Tea Cookie Recipe

    August 13 2021

    Tea cookies are known for being buttery, rich and soft. This Earl Grey tea cookie recipe is the perfect blend between a chewy chocolate chip cookie and a crisp shortbread cookie. While you can use any tea you prefer, Earl Grey is one of the best to use in this recipe. 

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  • Matcha green tea ice cream recipe

    Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe

    August 10 2021

    Make this delicious recipe for Green Tea Ice Cream right at home. A rich, flavorful, creamy treat that provides the benefits of green tea matcha. If you don't have an ice cream maker, follow these instructions to make a perfectly scoop-able dessert.

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  • almond chai granola recipe

    Best Homemade Almond Granola Recipe with Chai Tea

    July 22 2021

    Whether you love your granola with milk or yogurt to kickstart your day, or just want an afternoon snack, you will love this simple homemade granola recipe that is made with almonds and your favorite chai tea!

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  • Earl Grey banana bread

    Earl Grey Banana Bread

    June 09 2021

    Love banana bread? This recipe adds a unique layer of flavor of Earl Grey tea creating a moist, but light and fluffy bread. The toffee-like crunch of the brown sugar crust on top finishes it off with a slight caramel flavor.

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  • chai tea-infused pot roast with root vegetables

    Chai Tea Infused Pot Roast with Root Vegetables

    January 20 2021

    Another delicious way to incorporate tea into your meals. This Pot Roast and Root Vegetables roasts with a tea-infused broth to add chai spiced flavor into the roast. Perfect meal for a cozy, at-home dinner.

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  • tea-infused potatoes with ginger and scallions

    Tea-infused Potatoes

    October 21 2020

    Another great way of incorporating loose leaf tea into your meals. Tea-infused Potatoes is a delicious recipe shared from Splendid Table. To avoid a highly-smoky taste or flavor too powerful for potatoes, Raghavan infuses with tea and then adds the aromatic spices and fresh ginger.

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