How to Pair Tea with a Thanksgiving Meal

November 16 2020 – Diana L

best tea for thanksgiving meal

best tea for thanksgiving meal

This year we are all dealing with a shift in our traditions. We may be hosting a smaller gathering than we like or maybe even sharing dessert over a zoom call. We at Tealeavz hope that you still try to carry on some of your favorite personal traditions and make your favorite dishes. Maybe try something different so you can focus on a fun, new experience instead of dwelling on what you're missing. Maybe this will be a discovery of a new tradition...

Make tea part of your new tradition to complement your delicious meal

Pairing the perfect tea with your menu can sound confusing, but it really follows the same concept as pairing wines with particular dishes. The most important thing to consider is how the tea will complement, improve, and enhance the flavor of your meal. If a tea is too strong or astringent, it can kill the taste of a light and delicate dishes and in the same respect, if your tea is too light it can be completely overpowered by heavy, spicy food.

To help you make your choices, here are some basic pairing ideas. This is just a starting point, you can always adjust based on your personal preferences...

  • White Tea should be enjoyed on its own before or after your meal, maybe relaxing by the fire
  • Green Tea goes well with fish or fried dishes, steamed vegetables, soft creamy desserts, and fresh fruit.
  • Oolong Tea also can be enjoyed alone or with simple pastries, chocolate, honey, and nuts
  • Black Tea or Chai Tea will complement cheese, meat (turkey, ham, beef or pork), pasta, jams, sweet pastries, and spicy dishes

Based on these suggestions, black teas and chai teas are most likely a trusted go-to for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. These two types are more robust and pair nicely with heavier foods. 

Below is our 2020 update of recommendations to make your Thanksgiving meal unforgettable!

Golden Monkey Tea 
Enjoy the flavor of roasted apples, walnut, cocoa, and spice notes giving this tea a sweet and savory aroma with a rich, coating texture and a smooth, delicate mouthfeel. As the tea cools, a savory, malty, full-mouthed, roasted flavor develops, with a hint of smoke.
Golden Monkey tea

Earl Grey Vanilla
A very popular black tea is blended with orange peels, and blue cornflowers, with the warm flavors of vanilla and cream, softening the edge off the citrus notes of a traditional Earl Grey tea.

a teaspoon of Earl Grey, a very popular loose leaf black tea, blended with the warm flavors of vanilla and cream

White Ayurvedic Chai
A perfect pairing for your pumpkin or pecan pie with a warm, mellow blend of cinnamon bark, ginger root, lemongrass, cardamom, black peppercorn, cloves, dried coconut, and pineapple pieces.

If you want a fuller flavor, try blending this with our Samurai Spirit Maté. The chai spices and tropical fruit undertones blend into a graceful mosaic of flavors.

Not a dessert lover?
Steep a cup of Mocha Hazelnut Maté instead!

Similar to Teavana's Matechino, Mocha Hazelnut Maté blends the mellow chicory flavor of hazelnut with sweet chocolate chips creating an irresistible cup of tea. The chocolate and marigold work together creating a smooth mouthfeel. Add a little cream and sugar to this Mocha Hazelnut Mate chino for an extra creamy treat.

Mocha Hazelnut Mate

After the meal try our Fireside blend 🍁🔥
Honeybush, hazelnut, and cocoa nibs have been carefully blended with aniseed, cinnamon, clove, and orange peel. The flavor rolls over your buds with apples and rose hips for a little sweetness and lapsang and red peppercorn for a hint of smoke. Not too sweet or smokey. Just right. With a low level of caffeine, it is a perfect way to wrap up the evening.

PLUS a few recommendations to have on hand for Thanksgiving.
Order today so you can check one more thing off your list and relax...

Love those mashed potatoes a little too much?
Try some Ginseng & Ginger to help aid digestion.
a teaspoon of a fresh and crisp, energizing loose leaf green tea with dried ginger
Missing someone and need some calm?
Try some Egyptian Goddess to settle your mind so you can sleep.
a teaspoon of caffeine-free herbal infusion of delicate chamomile blossoms with freshly cut apple aroma
Couldn't decide between pumpkin or pecan pie?
So you had a little slice of both? Peppermint is known to help most stomach ailments.
a teaspoon of pure peppermint leaves
Talking too loud on that zoom call to be heard? 

Do you have a sore, irritated, or simply dry throat? A warm and soothing cup of Throat Soother Tea is the exact remedy your sore throat needs. Sweet licorice, calming anise, and fresh raspberry leaves are blended with a throat coat from Slippery Elm to help speed the recovery of your scratchy throat. 

Throat Soothing Tea

Whatever you serve, wherever you go, we at Tealeavz hope you have a wonderfully delicious and safe Thanksgiving no matter who you're with or how you celebrate.


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