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  • 6 Best Energy Teas for Energy and Focus

    6 Best Energy Teas for Energy and Focus

    October 07 2021

    We all have those days sometimes...days when you don't have the energy to accomplish anything. Don't rely on energy drinks filled with who-knows-what and enough caffeine to power a freight train. If you're after a healthy source of energy and focus, learn which types of tea may help.

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  • mood boosting tea

    Tea: The Natural Mood Booster

    September 12 2021

    Life has its ups and downs. What if you learned you could go through that life in a better mood more often, and naturally? Well, science says you can! Learn how tea may improve your focus, lift your mood, reduce stress, stave off depression and anxiety, and possibly even dementia.

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  • Eight best teas for headaches and migraines

    8 Best Teas for Headaches and Migraines

    May 12 2021

    The pressure of a headache or migraine can stop you in your tracks. Many things can cause headaches, but whether it is due to stress, heat, or allergies you just want to get back to feeling good. Learn how drinking tea may give you the much needed relief from headaches and migraines.

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  • Types of black tea

    Ultimate Guide to Types of Black Tea

    April 22 2021

    What is Black Tea? Unlike oolong, white and green tea, black tea leaves are allowed to fully oxidize creating the strong flavors, dark amber color, and robust texture. Read this ultimate guide to all types of black tea.

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  • sun protection at beach

    10 Ways to Eat Your Sunscreen this Summer

    June 06 2020

    Planning on spending lots of time outdoors this summer? Learn 10 ways to eat your sunscreen and protect your beautiful skin!

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  • Is Drinking Tea Good for Your Skin?

    Is Drinking Tea Good for Your Skin?

    May 03 2020

    Now that we are slowly starting to emerge from sheltering due to COVID-19, it's time to focus on our skin and protecting it from the elements as we get back to everyday life. Our mission at Tealeavz is to share ideas with our community to help them through this next phase we are all facing and how tea can play...

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