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  • black tea vs green tea: which is better for you?

    Black tea vs Green tea: Which is Better for You?

    When considering the health benefits and taste, the debate between black tea and green tea continues to steep. Learn as we compare the flavor and health benefits of black and green tea to help you choose the one that suits you best. We discuss the nuances of black tea vs. green tea, and the basic difference between the two.

  • Is black tea acidic

    Is Black Tea Acidic or Alkaline?

    Do you love drinking black tea find yourself wondering "is black tea is acidic? Or alkaline?" If you drink black tea to boost alertness and energy, does the acidity counterbalance the benefit? Many believe the acid in black tea will help with digestion. If you are in one of these groups, we understand your concern. Read more to find out!

  • Is Black Tea Good for Your Skin?

    Is Black Tea Good for Your Skin?

    The beautiful outdoors is beckoning us so let's focus on our skin and protecting it from the elements as we venture out. Our mission at Tealeavz is to share ideas with our community about how tea can play an important role in everyday life! I hope you enjoy this piece by our guest author, so that you improve and protect your skin as you face the world.