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  • is green tea acidic

    Is Green Tea Acidic? Or is Green Tea Alkaline?

    February 12 2021

    Being aware of acidity levels in the food and beverages we consume is important. Before you head out on a mission to avoid or eliminate acidic items from your diet, learn whether green tea is acidic or alkaline.

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  • liver healthy foods

    6 Liver-Healthy Foods

    January 06 2021

    Open up your detoxification pathways and support your liver with these six foods.

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  • girl relieving anxiety with tea on beach

    Eight Best Teas for Anxiety

    December 05 2020

    Find ways to unwind and destress before your feelings escalate to anxiety levels. Something as simple and delicious as a cup of tea is a good way to relax and redirect your focus. Not all teas are the same. Discover the eight best teas to help relieve stress and anxiety.

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  • green tea benefits healthy drink

    7 Green Tea Benefits You Need to Know

    March 27 2020

    We’ve all heard about the health benefits of plant-based diet. Tea just fits so simply into a plant-based approach to life. Especially during these concerning times with COVID-19, learn how to be aware of your body and how to best protect yourself...

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  • loose leaf tea in spring

    Best Loose Leaf Tea for Spring

    March 22 2020

    Ready to unravel from scarves, gloves, and winter coats? Discover the best loose leaf teas to help you feel your best as we leave winter behind...

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  • Girl shedding pounds drinking cup of tea

    How to Shed Some Extra Pounds Drinking Loose Leaf Tea

    March 06 2020

    Did you know that after water, tea is the most consumed beverage around the world? For some people, a hot, steaming, aromatic cup of tea is their all-time favorite. But let’s face it; we tend to choose convenience over health. We opt for a quick fix by using a teabag. But is it always the healthier option? Switching to loose...

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