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Love it!

I was devastated when I found out Teavana no longer sold loose leaf tea, especially since their Samurai Chai Mate was my favorite flavor. Glad to have found that this company’s chai mate has a very similar flavor profile. Will order again once I finish my current stock :)

Love it!

Love this tea. I mixed it with maharaja chai oolong and it is wonderful. If you liked Teavana’s Maharaja chai samurai oolong tea you will love this. Glad I found this company.

good to get the day started

very good irish breakfast tea to get the day started its a tad bit more sophisticated than the run of the mill irish breakfast teas ,very smooth and flavourful

Better than Teavana!

Admittedly I’ve compared these teas to Teavana’s teas because I have had none better until now. I have found a new company to set the bar. I’ve not been disappointed yet. My other favorite is Dancing vanilla. These teas are packed with flavor! They steep great and I get 2 brews from each serving. Another plus is Shipping is fast!

Better than Teavana!

I have been looking for a replacement for Teavana for a long time and I finally found it!

Not enough spice

I was hoping it would taste like the Oprah Chai that I used to get at Starbucks but it didn’t. It’s not bad, but in the future I won’t order this one again. All is not lost though, because I do LOVE the Oolong Chai !

Fantastic flavor

I love this tea! It’s spicy and a little sweet. The small is heavenly too.

Good flavor

Tea is nice but.. I was hoping it would be the same as Tevana's Samurai Chai Mate to add to Maharaja Chai Oolong but it missed the mark. Still hoping to find a match. I Miss Tevana's wonderful mix!

Great tea

I use it to blend with another herbal tea and it is amazing.

Great combo with the White Ayurvedic Chai.

Great taste when combined. I haven't tried it by itself

Very good!

Replaced Teavana tea and this was amazing.

Great Tea

Love the spice and flavor. Great anytime.

Taste good but...

Dosent do much other than that. I haven't had any residual effect from this. Its just a good tasting tea.

Perfect for late afternoon tea!

Just opening the bag of Dancing Vanilla Bean was a treat to the delightful scent of the loose tea leaves. Perfect for late afternoon or with dinner due to being caffeine free. I enjoy it most with a touch of rock sugar. Will definitely order again along with the rock sugar!

Samurai spirit chai

I’ve been searching for months for a Teavana chai replacement and this is it for me. I love it!


I love this tea so much! It smells insanely good (and by extension tastes good too) and helps soothe bloating and my digestion system after a meal. Would highly recommend. I throw about a spoonful of sugar rocks in it too, it fits well with a little bit of sweetness.




A light, fragrant peach tea

This tea is light in flavor with the fragrance of ripe peaches. We love this one and it brews nicely. A new favorite!!

Fragrant and Delicious

Read many reviews about this tea, and I’m so happy I did. It’s fantastic.


Great aroma

Refreshing but not overflavored

I was looking for a warm weather alternative to maharaja chia. This tea is light and refreshing but does not have the complex flavors I was hoping for. Probably user error.

Hi Dan - Yes, as far as our chai teas go, the Chai Green is one of the lighter ones, so great thinking for your warmer weather alternative! Adding more tea to your steep will intensify the flavors. Or If you are looking for more complex flavors, you may like Dancing Vanilla Bean ( or White Chai Spice ( - both best sellers!

Good tea

Very close to my expectation. Used to purchase a similar tea at Teavana.



Love this tea. Will order more. Have been searching a long time to find something similar to Tropica Rooboid