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Thanks for the review Chris! Happy to hear you like the Ginseng and Ginger!


Thank you Chris! Happy you liked our Egyptian Goddess!

Super, again!

Thank you Susie! We love making our customers happy!
Close enough!

It's almost like having my favorite Teavana flavors back again!

Glad you found your Teavana replacement Kyla! Enjoy! :-)

tea tastes as if they put too much licorice or some other spice. Taste was not balanced.

Hi Janice, We're sorry to hear you didn't care for our White Ayurvedic Chai - it is one of our best sellers! There isn't any licorice in this tea, but tea flavors are such a personal choice and I'm sure we have other teas that you would enjoy. Did you try any of the samples we included with your order? Hope you give another one of our teas a try!
Delightfully satisfying

The Samurai Spirit mate looseleaf herbal tea blended with the White Ayurvedic will be hard to beat. I was looking for soothing, easy on the tummy tea that would call me to have another cup. This is the one! So delicious ...perfect hot for cool mornings and evenings. For a daytime tea, it’s refreshing cold. In other words, you can’t go wrong with these two.

Thanks Barbara! So happy you are enjoying your tea and it is soothing on your tummy!
A Harvest Treat!

This is a wonderfully fragrant chai! It tastes amazing too. Like a cider and chai combined. A little honey and milk and you have a cozy and soothing drink!

Thank you Audrey! Great idea with the honey and milk!

This tea was absolutely amazing!

Thanks Melody! Glad you are enjoying our Tealeavz White Ayurvedic! Next time, try blending it with some Samurai Spirit Maté - they really complement each other nicely -

Very tasty and such great quality!! Im so happy i found this website!! They exceed expectations

We're so happy you found Tealeavz as well Zena! Enjoy!
Cold-Brew Pouch/Berry

Excellent iced tea!

Thanks Sue! What I love about it is it is naturally sweet and refreshing without added sugar - :)
Ayurvedic White Tea

Nice smooth flavor. Will buy again.

Hi Yvette! So glad you love the flavor of our White Ayurvedic - let us know when you need a refill! Happy steeping! Diana
A perfect replacement for Teavana's Samurai Chai Mate!

Both the Samurai Spirit Mate and the Vanilla Chai are amazing!!!! Thank you so much!

You chose two of my faves Audrey! Glad you are enjoying them. I like to blend the Samurai Spirit with White Ayurvedic Chai. You might want to try that next time! Diana

Taste just like teavana

Isn't that the truth! I'm glad you found your Teavana replacement with us at Tealeavz! Enjoy - Diana

The tea is delicious I love it

Love both the Orange and the Blood Orange mixed together along with a teaspoon of Brazilian Beauty.
So delicious!!! Love your teas!☕️

Glad you are loving Tealeavz tea Susie and being creative with your blends!
The tea is awesome

Thank you for for getting the tea out to me,,, and as usual it is great tea, I have always loved the spice teas what can you recommend for relaxing teas.

Hi John - Happy that you are enjoying your Masala Spiced Chai! I love the spiced teas as well. For a relaxing tea, I would recommend any of our Herbal teas or Rooibos teas that are naturally decaffeinated and may help relieve stress and nervous tension.

I purchased this along with the Samurai Spirit Mate to replicate a blend of tea I used to get from Teavana, I combined equal parts of both teas. The taste is fantastic and I'm really not sure I can tell much of a difference between the two. Would purchase again.

Blood Orange and Orange Bouquet

Mixed together is awesome!
Thank you for quality, great taste, and excellent packaging. Terrific!!!

Samurai tea

Excellent taste and aroma with this tea, would definitely purchase again.

Perfect cup of tea!

I love peppermint tea but this was my first time buying loose tea leaves. The package was delightfully bigger than I expected for the price! My first cup was bitter and had an odd taste, but after reading your tips, I used less tea and steeped it less time and the taste was perfect! Thank you!

Many people are a bit unaware of the best way to steep loose leaf tea! I'm glad our steeping suggestions helped! Plus you get more cups of tea out of your bag :) Glad you are enjoying the Peppermint tea now!

This tea is amazing! Subtle refreshing and my children even love it! It’s great enjoyed cold or hot.

Thanks Tricia! I'm glad your children are enjoying it too. Tea is such a healthy alternative :) I like this one hot and cold as well - Let us know when you're running low and we'll get some out to you right away! Diana
Great Replacement

I have been looking for a replacement for Teavana’s Green chai tea since Starbucks closed them! Finally found it!! This tea is amazing! I only wish I could buy it in larger quantities since I drink 6-8 cups a day!

Beats Teavana

I ordered this to try and replace the blend I used to order from Teavana. This is much more affordable and actually tastes better to me. The aroma is wonderful, and I just ordered 4 for packages for myself and some of my coworkers. Tealeavz is my new go to for all my tea needs!

Thanks Timothy! I'm so happy we have become your Teavana replacement :) Happy steeping!