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Toasted Maté Spice Tea

(Formerly Brazilian Beauty)

Toasted Maté Spice tea is an energizing blend of toasted maté with cinnamon, ginger and the zest of orange citrus peels. 

What is Maté?

Maté tea (pronounced Mah-tay) is made from yerba maté, a holly tree found in South America. Yerba mate has an herbaceous flavor, but this spiced maté is a toasted form of yerba maté creating a deep, sweet, and savory flavor. Even though it is not from the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, it has similar benefits to tea with high in antioxidants and it also contains caffeine. 

What does Toasted Maté Spice taste like?

Smoother and toastier than a chai tea, the mellow spices of Toasted Maté Spice will leave a natural roasted flavor on your palate. A pleasant blend that is rich in antioxidants and packed full of nutrients. 

Delicious hot or iced, Toasted Maté Spice is meant to be enjoyed year-round. If you have a sweet craving, try it iced with milk and sugar.

Maté vs coffee

Boost your energy and help improve your mental focus with a cup of Toasted Maté. Even though maté is considered an herbal tea, all maté tea varieties are caffeinated, and this spiced maté is no exception. Maté contains less caffeine than coffee, but more than an average cup of tea. Many people regularly drink maté instead of coffee to enhance alertness as they avoid the jittery side effects they often experienced with coffee. 

With a high level of caffeine, we don't suggest Spiced Maté as an evening tea.

Steep at 150° for 3-5 minutes.

Ingredients: Toasted yerba maté tea, cinnamon bark, natural spice flavor, orange peels, and ginger root.

Type: Herbal Tea

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Refreshing but not overflavored

I was looking for a warm weather alternative to maharaja chia. This tea is light and refreshing but does not have the complex flavors I was hoping for. Probably user error.

Hi Dan - Yes, as far as our chai teas go, the Chai Green is one of the lighter ones, so great thinking for your warmer weather alternative! Adding more tea to your steep will intensify the flavors. Or If you are looking for more complex flavors, you may like Dancing Vanilla Bean ( or White Chai Spice ( - both best sellers!

Good tea

Very close to my expectation. Used to purchase a similar tea at Teavana.



Love this tea. Will order more. Have been searching a long time to find something similar to Tropica Rooboid

I’m in love with this tea

Mixed Samarai Spirit Mate with Maharajah Chai Oolong and it was so, so good. Wonderful flavor and soothing warmth. I’m loving this! My eleven year old granddaughter loves it too!