Is Black Tea Good for You

black tea for health
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Have you ever had people nag you to switch from coffee to black tea? Do your friends or your spouse keep telling you about the effects of black tea for your heart health? We are here to agree with them. Read on to find out about the health benefits of drinking black tea.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Relieves Stress

Did you know that tea can help relieve the feeling of stress? The caffeine in tea is absorbed in a way to stimulate mental focus and increase your concentration level. With tea you will still get the benefits of caffeine—like an increase in energy and alertness—without the crash because the caffeine is absorbed at a slower, more steady rate. Studies show:

  • The amino acid L-theanine in black tea balances out our moods and helps promote relief from stress, making us feel good.
  • It improves your focus on things in a relaxed manner.
  • Black tea may help boost your memory function when consumed regularly

Plus the antioxidants, called polyphenols, are known to help block DNA damage caused by tobacco. But don’t stop eating your vegetables, because the antioxidants in tea are different from the antioxidants found in your fruits and veggies. The best combination for your body is a habit of healthy eating and drinking tea.

Promotes a Healthy Digestive Tract

Compounds in black tea, known as tannins, have an astringent effect and act as antioxidants to promote overall gut health such as aiding digestion, preventing bloating, reducing inflammation, and protecting against stomach ulcers and indigestion. 

New studies show that polyphenols in black tea act as prebiotics and stimulate the growth of bacteria in the gut that nourish a healthy microbiome. 


Lowers Cholesterol

Research has shown that both green and black tea can help lower cholesterol levels. Both from the same plant, green tea is prepared from unfermented leaves and black tea from fully fermented leaves. Catechins, a type of antioxidant found in both teas, are responsible for lowering cholesterol. The more fermented the tea leaves, the lower the catechin content, and the higher the caffeine content.

Prevents Diseases

Studies suggest that women who consume black tea more often have a lower blood sugar levels after eating than their counterparts. If you consume it in moderate amounts, it may also help in reducing free radicals and the risk of cancer cell growth. According to studies, if you drink 1-2 cups of black tea daily, the chances of you getting Type 2 Diabetes could be lowered by 70%. Other studies also suggest that if you consume about two cups of it every day, it could reduce the risk of getting a stroke.

Supports Healthy Bones

It has been suggested that people who enjoy a regular consumption of black tea have healthier bones than those who don’t. Phytoestrogen and fluoride – two substances present in tea – are known to help in maintaining bone mineral density. In addition, tea drinkers have a lower risk of developing arthritis because of the phytochemicals found in tea. To optimize this benefit, avoid adding sugar (and those empty calories), and enhance the alkalinity of your black tea by adding lemon.

Go steep a cup and start giving your body a boost towards health and happiness.

Note: Due to the higher caffeine level in black tea, those sensitive to caffeine may experience side effects such as restlessness, sleep difficulty or headaches and should monitor or reduce consumption in such cases. Always consult your doctor for medical advice if you have conditions you are looking to address.


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