JASMINE GREEN TEA PEARLS | Experience the exquisite aroma

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INGREDIENTS: Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea


STEEP at 190° for 3-5 minutes

For a truly special experience, Tea Pearls are highly recommended by tea lovers everywhere. Your senses will be amazed at the beautiful jasmine aroma.

What are Jasmine Green Tea Pearls?

Jasmine Pearl tea is an exotic night-blooming jasmine flower infusion. The best jasmine pearl tea comes from young, high quality green tea leaves from the Fujian Province. The pearls created by hand-rolling the green tea leaves around one unopened night-blooming jasmine blossom. 

What does Jasmine Pearl Tea taste like?

When added to water, the jasmine pearls beautifully unfurl. The green tea pearls release an exquisite jasmine flavor during the steep. The flavor of green pearl tea is smooth with sweet undertones.

How many Jasmine Pearls per cup?

There are approximately 5 - 15 pearls per one rounded teaspoon. You can steep one teaspoon of tea pearls up to three times without any flavor loss. When the water level gets low, keep topping the pearls off with fresh hot water.

How long to steep Jasmine Tea Pearls:

  1. Scoop one rounded teaspoon of jasmine tea pearls into your infuser or infuser basket.
  2. Heat water to 190° F (just before boiling)
  3. Pour water over the tea pearls (8oz per tsp of pearls)
  4. Steep tea for 3-5 minutes (modify based on your preference).
  5. Remove the infuser and enjoy your cup of tea!

What is the difference between Jasmine Pearls Green Tea and Dragon Pearl tea?

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea and Dragon Pearl Tea are essentially the same type of tea. Tea artisans hand-roll high quality tea leaves with jasmine blossom. After rolling, they scatter the pearls among the floral aroma of fresh blossoms, enabling the pearls to absorb the fragrant jasmine scent.

The main difference between Jasmine Pearls and Jasmine Dragon Pearls lies in the particular type of green tea utilized or the area where the tea is cultivated.