Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags: Which is the Better Choice?

Use a simple loose leaf tea strainer for your Loose leaf tea vs tea bags
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Loose leaf tea or tea bags? Which is the better choice? There really is no debate. The biggest reason for most people choosing tea bags over loose leaf tea is the convenience factor. Everyone knows the adage “slow and steady wins the race” and it applies here as well. Ready-to-use tea bags may seem like a quick fix for the time being but it’s not always the most beneficial.

5 Reasons Why Loose Leaf Tea is the Better Choice

Quality Factor

The quality of loose leaf tea is usually higher than that of the tea in tea bags. You can easily determine the quality of loose leaf tea by looking at it. If the loose leaf tea is filled with crushed leaves and dust, you’d know that its quality has been compromised. Whereas most of the time, tea bags are used as a disguise to sell fannings and dust from broken tea leaves.

Make Your Garden Happy 

With tea comes the disposal of tea leaves. Although cleaning a loose leaf tea infuser might take a few extra minutes, the difference in freshness and flavor over teabags is worth the extra step! Plus, the used tea leaves are easily compostable.

Sprinkle your used tea leaves around the base of acid-loving plants, including your tomatoes and roses. Tea leaves one-up coffee grounds again! Tea leaves contain all the big three nutrients (NPK) as well as some trace minerals. Sprinkle the used leaves on the soil, gently scratch them in and watch your garden flourish.

More Varieties for You to Explore

Companies offer tea bags with standardized blends that aren’t very distinct. Our exotic collection of loose leaf teas offer a variety of unique, spiced flavors. After every season, the aroma, flavor, and appearance of loose leaf tea keep changing. You can brew and enjoy endless combinations of your choice instead of sticking to just one standard taste.

To explore the types of loose leaf tea, visit our exotic loose leaf tea collection.

Enhanced Flavors

As discussed earlier, the quality of the tea in tea bags usually gets compromised when the tea leaves are finely chopped to fit the little bags. Once the leaves are crushed, the quantity of essential oils present in them reduces. When the bags are immersed in water, the flavors don’t diffuse with their full potential. Contrarily, when loose leaf tea is steeped in water such as with our Cold Brew Pouches, it expands and releases all its refreshing, natural flavors. This is due to the fact that our carefully packed pouches contain full loose leaf tea, not crushed tea leftovers as you find in standard tea bags. With brewed spices, this infusion becomes even more flavorful and aromatic.

More Health Benefits

Pre-packaged teas sometimes sit in their manufacturer’s shelves for months or years before reaching your mugs. Industrially-produced tea bags may also contain high amounts of sugar which can’t be good for your health. Studies suggest that drinking loose leaf tea may help in improving your concentration, boosting your immune system, and lowering your blood pressure. Other studies also suggest that drinking loose leaf tea in moderate amounts may encourage weight loss.


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