What is Thai tea?

Iced thai chai tea
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Thai tea vs Chai tea

In India, Chai is the word some languages use for tea. Traditional Indian-style chai has spices added, known as the popular Masala Chai, or "spiced chai".

Then what is Thai tea?

Thai tea is also a spiced tea, but it originated in Thailand in the late 20th century. If you've ever wondered why Thai tea is orange, it is common practice in Thailand as well as American Thai restaurants to add artificial food coloring to create a bright orange drink.

Thai tea is popularly served over ice with a lot of evaporated milk and sugar.

Our Thai Chai tea is a delicious blend of black tea and Thai spices plus lemongrass, ginger, and just the right touch of cinnamon.

Opening a pouch of our Thai Chai, your senses will be amazed by the aroma of creamy, sweet coconut and lemongrass – delicious pieces of coconut clearly visible amongst the ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. 

How to Make Hot Thai Chai

To make hot thai tea, use two full teaspoons per 8 oz cup and steep at 212° for 5 minutes.

Iced Thai Tea Recipe

For the iced version, after steeping as noted above, allow the tea to cool.

Combine sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk and chill until slightly frozen. Use a milk frother to whisk until the sweetened milk creates a creamy froth for the rich Thai tea flavor. Coconut milk or cream can also be used, but it won't have the same restaurant-quality flavor.

Pour tea over crushed ice, top with the creamy froth, and add sugar for sweetness to taste. Give it a stir and enjoy! The only thing you'll miss is the bright orange color because there is no artificial dye added here as you'll find in the premade mixes!


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