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The Essential Tea Accessory for Tea Lovers!

If you love tea, this loose leaf tea infuser is the best. Similar to the Teavana tea maker, it is a must-have tea accessory for loose tea brewing! Steeping your favorite loose leaf tea is simple with this loose leaf tea infuser. It allows you to brew a single cup of tea with little effort and it's easy to clean so it leaves no mess. Plus it works with any type of tea!

How to Steep Tea with a Tea Infuser

  1. Place tea leaves in the loose leaf tea infuser
  2. Add water heated to the proper temperature for the type of tea
  3. Allow the tea to steep for the desired amount of time
  4. When your tea is ready, simply set the loose leaf tea infuser on top of your mug or teapot. The tea will release directly into your cup from the bottom of the infuser. 

Lifting the infuser from the cup will stop the tea from pouring. Now that's smart steepware! 

The tea infuser holds 600 ml, enough for a few cups of tea, and is made from BPA-free, food-safe plastic. Includes coaster.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lisa A. (Clayton, US)

Best decision was to buy this infuser. It works likes a charm for your loose leaf tea. Easy cleanup and and fast delivery. 10 out of 10 to be honest.

Wanda L. (Austin, US)
Perfect for tea

I love the fact that you get to put it right on top of your cup and not have any leaves from the tea in your drink. I don’t know how I did without it I don’t like the tea balls.

Elizabeth V. (Salem, US)
Quality product.

I'm glad I replaced my teavanna tea infuser, it's so nice to be able to make a delicious cup with the ease and convenience! I'm very happy with how easy it is to use and the replacement parts, not that I'll be needing them any time soon!

Cindy L.T. (Punta Gorda, US)
A must have for any tea lover

I already had two infusers from Teavanna, but they are getting on in age. And as much as I use them having backups just makes common sense. They produce the perfect cup of tea with little to no dredges. Not only gives the leaves (or whatever) plenty of room to expand and infuse, but helps protect my body AND the environment by not using individual tea bags. Love it❣️

Mark Z. (Los Gatos, US)
Loose leaf tea infuser

Never knew this product existed - must have for ease of use and a quick, great cup(s) of tea!