A Delicious White Chai Tea 

Chai tea is commonly a blend using black tea, but our White Chai Spice is a unique blend of a light-bodied white tea with complex notes of lemongrass, apple pieces, and pineapple pieces. The sweetness of the fruit flavors is balanced with notes of ginger root, cinnamon bark, cloves, dried coconut, cardamom, natural spices, and cinnamon with a kick of peppercorn for added zest and a delicious chai spice finish

What is White tea?

White tea comes from young or minimally processed leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant - the silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the plant. White tea once brewed is not actually white or colorless but instead has a pale yellow color. 

What is the difference between White and Black Tea?

The flavor of white tea can be described as silky and sweet, and is very mild compared to black tea, and will not have the grassy flavor often experienced with green tea.

Does White tea have caffeine?

Any tea that comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant contains caffeine. However, White Chai Spice, which is a blended tea, contains a low level of caffeine compared to that of an unblended white tea. 

Using fully boiling water to brew white tea or brewing white tea for more than five minutes will increase the level of caffeine in your cup. We recommend using water that's 190 degrees Fahrenheit or lower and brew for three to four minutes, five minutes at most.

TEA TIP: If you are concerned with caffeine levels is to re-brew the same leaves a second time. The flavor will be a little less intense with a second infusion, but the caffeine level is reduced. 

STEEP at 190° for 3-4 minutes.

INGREDIENTS: Ginger root, lemongrass, cinnamon bark, white tea, pineapple pieces, cloves, dried coconut, cardamom, red peppercorn, apple pieces, natural spice flavor, and natural cinnamon flavor. 

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Type: Chai Tea

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Yummy Flavorful Chai

I purchased this to mix into the Masala Chai. It’s quite tasty on its own, but it plays well with other teas. Very pleased.

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Refreshing but not overflavored

I was looking for a warm weather alternative to maharaja chia. This tea is light and refreshing but does not have the complex flavors I was hoping for. Probably user error.

Hi Dan - Yes, as far as our chai teas go, the Chai Green is one of the lighter ones, so great thinking for your warmer weather alternative! Adding more tea to your steep will intensify the flavors. Or If you are looking for more complex flavors, you may like Dancing Vanilla Bean (https://tealeavz.com/products/rooibos-vanilla-chai-tea) or White Chai Spice (https://tealeavz.com/products/white-chai-tea) - both best sellers!

Good tea

Very close to my expectation. Used to purchase a similar tea at Teavana.



Love this tea. Will order more. Have been searching a long time to find something similar to Tropica Rooboid

I’m in love with this tea

Mixed Samarai Spirit Mate with Maharajah Chai Oolong and it was so, so good. Wonderful flavor and soothing warmth. I’m loving this! My eleven year old granddaughter loves it too!