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INGREDIENTS: Beet Sugar, Caramel Color

What is Belgian Rock Sugar?

Belgian Rock Sugar is the perfect way to sweeten up your cup of tea. Made in Belgium from natural sugar beets, these sugar rocks sweeten tea without affecting the flavor of the tea. 

What is the difference between Belgian Rock Sugar and regular sugar?

Belgian Rock Sugar provides a milder sweetness than a similar amount of pure table sugar. It is the preferred choice of sugar for flavoring teas because it is less sweet than regular white granulated sugar, so it sweetens your cup without overpowering the flavor of the tea.

Does Belgian Rock Sugar expire?

Belgian Rock Sugar has a very long shelf life, often lasting years. Once opened, we recommend storing your rock sugar in a well-sealed container or ziplock bag in a dry cool place.

How many sugar rocks should you use in tea?

Because these sugar rocks for tea dissolve slowly, less is needed to sweeten your cup than regular sugar. By dissolving slowly, the rock sugar allows your tea to be sweetened evenly with each sip. Simply drop a few Belgian Rock Sugar crystals in your tea and allow them to dissolve while your tea steeps.