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STEEP at 212° for 3-5 minutes.

INGREDIENTS: Ceylon Sonata Tea and Assam Melody Tea


If you appreciate a full-bodied tea, then an Irish Breakfast tea blend is a perfect choice for you. This robust Ceylon loose leaf tea is commonly served with milk and sugar. But many tea lovers enjoy this brisk, Irish tea straight up.

What is Irish Breakfast Tea?

Irish Breakfast tea is a combination of two full-bodied loose-leaf black teas: Ceylon and Assam. Ceylon tea brings the citrus notes and Assam tea adds a malty underscore. The resulting blend creates a spicy, jammy aroma, a malty flavor, a brisk mouthfeel, and a nice sweetness in the finish. 

Assam, a district in northeastern India, produces more black tea than any other country, except for a few places in China. Ceylon, also known as Sri Lanka, is a tropical island off the southern tip of India. 25% of the world's tea is supplied by Sri Lanka.

Despite its name suggesting it's for breakfast, the Irish consume this loose Irish Breakfast tea throughout the day. It's been said that some drink as many as six cups a day! 

Irish vs English breakfast tea

Both English and Irish Breakfast teas are black tea blends. The difference between Irish and English Breakfast tea is the type of tea in the blend.

The rich and bold flavor of loose leaf Irish Breakfast tea is what sets it apart from its English counterpart. The combination of Assam tea leaves gives it a distinct malty taste that is both invigorating and satisfying. It is perfect for those who prefer a stronger and more robust cup to jumpstart their mornings.

English Breakfast tea is made from Keemun black tea which is not as bold as Irish tea, but it is still nicely robust cup

How much caffeine is in Irish Breakfast tea?

Irish Breakfast tea is known for its high caffeine content. This makes it the ideal choice for those who need a morning kick-start. With its energizing properties, this tea provides a much-needed boost to help you tackle the day ahead.

Whether enjoyed with a splash of milk or a hint of sugar, Irish Breakfast tea is a delightful way to start your day. Its deep reddish hue and full-bodied flavor make it a favorite among tea enthusiasts worldwide. So, if you're looking for the best Irish Breakfast tea, give this tea a try!