BLUEBERRY WHITE TEA | A burst of fruity goodness

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INGREDIENTS: White tea, blueberries, and natural blueberry flavor


STEEP at 180° for 3 minutes

Blueberry White tea is a delightful blend with delicate notes of white tea with a luscious taste of ripe blueberries. Premium white tea leaves sourced from the Fujian province create a subtle sweetness with a hint of floral undertones.

While steeping, the enchanting aroma of blueberries fills the air, creating a sense of anticipation for the first sip. Enjoy a gentle and soothing experience from the low caffeine content. A perfect cup to steep for a moment of relaxation.

Once brewed, the Blueberry White tea unveils its true essence. The infusion boasts a beautiful pale golden hue, reminiscent of a summer sunrise. With each sip, the soft mouthfeel of the tea caresses your palate, leaving behind a refreshing sensation.

The natural blueberry flavor adds a burst of fruity goodness to the tea, enhancing its overall appeal. The sweetness of the blueberries perfectly balances the white tea with a harmonious flavor profile that is both calming and satisfying.

Enjoy Blueberry White tea hot or iced, making it a versatile drink for any time of year. Transform your iced glass into a refreshing treat by floating a few blueberries on top.

Indulge in the Blueberry White tea and let its delicate flavors transport you to a tranquil oasis. With its clean finish and irresistible taste, this tea is sure to become a favorite for tea enthusiasts and newcomers alike. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the blissful experience that this exquisite blend has to offer.

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Customer Reviews

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Holli S. (Lynchburg, US)
Tastefully aromatic

I bought this tea for my husband because he likes fruit flavors. It smells so good when I make the cups for him. The flavor is very nice as well and he really enjoys it each evening.