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STEEP at 150° for 3-5 minutes

INGREDIENTS: Yerba Mate tea

Yerba Mate is an energizing blend sure to give you a boost of energy without the dreaded jitters experienced with coffee. It's a healthy alternative way to give your day a kick start.

What is Yerba Mate tea?

This herbal tea from a South American rainforest is made from the twigs and leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis plant. After the leaves are dried over a fire, Yerba Mate is traditionally enjoyed in a gourd sipped through a metal straw with a filter to strain out the leaves.

Studies have shown that Yerba Mate is higher in antioxidants than even green tea. Yerba mate has the strength of coffee with the healthy benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate, all in a single drink.

What does Yerba Mate taste like?

The taste of Yerba Mate is similar to that of green tea, with more of a grassy character. It is delicious hot or iced. For an energizing punch on a warmer day, blend it with your favorite fruit juice. 

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Jamie D. (Atlanta, US)
Excellent quality and flavor

I was pleasantly surprised that this tea tastes better than I had expected