A Guide: Benefits of Iced Tea

Benefits of iced tea
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Summers just don't seem complete without a tall, chilled glass of iced tea, right? Along with being mouth-watering and utterly delectable, here are a few more interesting things to know about iced teas:

Health Benefits of Iced Tea

If you look forward to waking up to a delicious iced tea on summer mornings, savor the moment and the fact that you are doing good for your body. As with all loose leaf tea, iced loose leaf tea may:

  • Act as an antioxidant booster. Tea is known to contain 10 times the polyphenol antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables.
  • Help you stay hydrated. Tea is known to be the best source of hydration after water!
  • Encourage weight loss. A simple change such as swapping your iced coffees and sugary sodas with a healthy glass of iced tea reduces your calorie consumption.
  • Help in fighting various cancers.
  • Provide a source of manganese. According to studies, eight ounces of black iced tea contains 520 micrograms of manganese which may promote healing of wounds and healthier bones.
  • Help in the reduction of stress and relaxing your nerves.
  • Help in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Studies suggest that tea drinkers are at a lesser risk of being subject to heart attacks and strokes.

Simple Tips to the Perfect Iced Tea

Steeping a refreshing glass of iced tea is simple with our Cold Brew Pouches. Here are a few tips to remember:

  1. Use cold water to brew your tea. Add our easy-to-steep loose leaf tea pouch to a pitcher of cold water and let it steep overnight. Wake up to a deliciously soft and smooth flavor.
  2. Water ice cubes can dilute the flavor of your tea. Make a little extra and pour the excess amount in an ice tray. Freeze overnight and add those cubes in your tea to maintain the flavor instead of watering it down as when regular ice cubes melt.
  3. Try lemonade ice cubes to give your iced tea a citrusy and tangy flavor. Prepare lemonade as usual and freeze overnight in an ice tray and add those cubes to your prepared tea. You can also add slices of lemon in the ice tray before you pour the lemonade to enhance the visuals of your tea.
  4. Add fresh fruit slices to your glass such as berries, lemon, peaches, and strawberries for flavor and a beautiful presentation.

A Flavor for Every Mood

Here are our picks for the best iced tea flavors:

Berry: This is a caffeine-free mixture of black currants, cranberries, raspberries, elderberries, bilberries, hibiscus flowers, and rose hips.

Blue Mango: Another caffeine-free refreshing blend of Lemongrass, Butterfly Pea Flower, Rose Hips, Chamomile Flowers, Natural Mango Flavor, Mango Pieces, Marigold Flowers, and Lychee Flavor.

Citron: This is a sugar-free green tea blend with citrusy flavors of lemon and orange.

Dragonfruit: For something truly different try this blend of Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Lemon Verbena, Orange, Dragonfruit Flavor, Dragonfruit, Pineapple Pieces, Strawberries, Marigold Flowers, and Rose Petals.

Mango: If you crave a combination of Ceylon tea with the flavor of ripened mangoes then this flavor is the right choice for you.

Peach Oolong: This flavor of iced tea is an elegant infusion of peach oolong tea, deep floral, honey, and peach juice.

Wild Strawberry: Be ready to be mesmerized with a caffeine-free herbal mixture of strawberries, apples, hibiscus flowers, and rose hips with this delicious flavor of iced tea.

To enjoy cold brew pouches of the amazing flavors above, visit our Iced Tea Collection.
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