Unveiling the Secrets of Milk Oolong Tea

December 21 2023 – Diana L

Teapot of milk oolong tea

Teapot of milk oolong tea

Milk oolong tea, also known as "Jin Xuan" or "Golden Daylily," is a unique and highly sought-after tea among tea connoisseurs. Its creamy and smooth taste, along with its distinct aroma, makes it a favorite among tea lovers. But what makes this tea so special? In this article, we will unveil the secrets of milk oolong tea and why it should be a staple in every tea lover's collection.


The Origin of Milk Oolong Tea

Oolong milk tea is a Taiwanese tea created by a tea farmer named Wu Jau-Yuan in the 1980s.

While experimenting with different tea cultivars, Wu discovered a unique cultivar that produced a unique oolong tea. An oolong that had a natural milky aroma and buttery taste. He named the cultivar "Jin Xuan" after the Chinese word for "golden daylily."


The Process of Roasted Oolong Milk Tea

One of the secrets of milk oolong tea lies in its roasting process. After harvesting, the oolong tea leaves are allowed to wither and then lightly roasted. This process helps to bring out the natural milky aroma and taste of the tea. The tea leaves are then rolled into small, tight balls, preserving the flavor and aroma of the tea.


Milk Oolong tea

What does Oolong Milk Tea Taste Like

The "Jin Xuan" cultivar used to make milk oolong tea is a hybrid of the Assam and Qingxin cultivars. This unique combination results in a tea with a creamy and smooth taste, unlike any other oolong tea.


Milk Oolong Tea Benefits

Aside from its delicious taste and aroma, milk oolong tea also offers numerous health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, which can help boost the immune system and fight against free radicals in the body. It contains polyphenols that have been shown to lower the chance of chronic illnesses like heart disease and cancer. Milk oolong tea is low in caffeine content, making it a great alternative for those looking to reduce their caffeine intake.


How to Make Oolong Milk Tea

To fully experience the unique flavors and aromas of milk oolong tea, it is important to brew it correctly. Start by using high-quality loose leaf tea and a teapot or gaiwan. Heat water to around 195-205°F and steep the tea leaves for 3-5 minutes. You can also re-steep the leaves a second time to fully enjoy the flavors of the tea.


Where to Find Milk Oolong Tea

When purchasing milk oolong tea, make sure to look for high-quality loose-leaf tea from a reputable source. This will ensure that you are getting the best and most authentic milk oolong tea.

Other lower-quality milk teas have artificial "milk flavorings" sprayed on the leaves to enhance their taste. This is often done to hide the fact that they are using low-quality loose leaf tea. As a result, these teas become more like flavored teas rather than genuine Jin Xuan oolong.

In contrast, the unique taste of our Oolong Milk tea is derived purely from the natural flavors that emerge during the processing of the tea leaves.

Now that you know the secrets of milk oolong tea, it's time to add it to your tea collection. With its unique flavors and health benefits, it's no wonder why this tea is loved by tea connoisseurs all over the world. Have you tried milk oolong tea before? Let us know in the comments.



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