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  • Relax with caffeine free tea - glass teapot with spa towels and soothing green plants

    Unwind and Rejuvenate: Explore the World of Caffeine Free Tea

    Finding moments of relaxation and rejuvenation is essential for our overall well-being. There is a whole world of caffeine free tea blends that offer a soothing and calming experience. So sit back, relax and discover the world of caffeine-free tea, the benefits, and the different types of teas.

  • The benefits of green tea for men

    Benefits of Green Tea for Men

    Is green tea healthier than black tea? Does decaffeinated green tea still provide health benefits? While tea can be beneficial for everyone, let's focus on how green tea can benefit men's health and well-being. Plus, find out the benefits of green tea with lemon!
  • Learn about Jasmine Pearl Tea

    Discover the Aroma and Health Benefits of Jasmine Pearl Tea

    Jasmine Pearl Tea is a popular scented tea known for its delicate floral aroma and refreshing taste. From boosting the immune system to promoting weight loss, jasmine green tea has been praised for its medicinal properties for centuries. Explore the health benefits of jasmine green tea and how it can help promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • The Art of Tea Blends

    The Art of Tea Blends: Discover the Flavors of Fall Tea

    Tea blending is an art that lets tea lovers discover unique flavors to suit their preferences. When the days get cooler and the leaves change, there's nothing better than enjoying soothing cup of tea to soothe your soul and awaken your senses. Explore the world of tea and discover new tea for fall.
  • Is herbal tea hydrating?

    Is Herbal Tea Hydrating?

    Human beings require water to survive. While you can get some hydration by consuming vegetables and fruits, it's just not enough. Drinking simply water all day long can become a bit boring. But don't worry, other drinks do count for fluid intake such as tea. Find out which tea is best for hydration!

  • Recipe for Peach Barbecue Sauce served over chicken and pineapple

    Peach Barbecue Sauce

    Whether you call it barbecue or barbeque, this delicious peach barbecue sauce will take your outdoor cooking to the next level! Starting with our Peachy Bellini tea it is the perfect addition for summer grilling with friends.
  • What does Rooibos tea taste like?

    What Does Rooibos Taste Like?

    Before you taste something new, you kind of want to know what it is, right? Rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free herbal plant that grows only in South Africa. Learn about the differences between Red and Green Rooibos and what Rooibos tastes like. 
  • Best tea for inflammation

    What is the Best Tea for Inflammation?

    Inflammation. It seems it has become such a hot topic in conversations. Inflammation left untreated can affect your overall health. When it comes to combating inflammation, certain teas rise to the top. Find out which ones!
  • best teas for sore throat

    Best Teas for Sore Throat

    The medicinal benefits of different types of tea can also be a home remedy to help soothe and heal the sore throat. Learn about eight best teas for sore throat that may give you some relief while you rest back to wellness.
  • Does Jasmine tea have caffeine?

    Does Jasmine Tea have Caffeine?

    When we talk about Jasmine tea, we are really talking about tea that has been blended with the jasmine blossom. The aroma of the blossoms infuse the leaves creating a unique sensory experience. Learn about Jasmine tea and whether Jasmine tea has caffeine.
  • Looking over chamomile flowers for the best tea for skin

    What is the Best Tea For Skin?

    Your skin is a reflection of you. Did you know tea can also help give you a glowing complexion? If you're looking to improve the quality of your skin, this simple daily regimen can be the key your skin is missing. Let's take a look at how tea can benefit your skin.

  • Loose black tea in a wooden bowl - a guide to the best black tea

    A Guide to the Best Black Tea

    As one of the most popular teas in the world, how do you know which is the best black tea for you? If you're new to black tea, this is a great place to start is to learn more about the types of black tea: the origin, flavor profiles, and of course, the health benefits.
  • Does white tea have caffeine?

    Does White Tea have Caffeine?

    It's well known that some tea contains caffeine, but we also know that some teas are caffeine-free. When choosing a type of tea, whether morning or night, the question of whether that cup of tea contains caffeine becomes very important. Find out if white tea has caffeine!
  • What is the best tea to drink in the morning?

    AM Sips: What is the Best Tea to Drink in the Morning

    Tea is a great cup to start the day. It not only boosts energy, it gives your body a boost of antioxidants and other health benefits. The bottom line is we all want to wake up and start the day energized, but what is the best tea to drink in the morning?
  • What does black tea taste like?

    What Does Black Tea Taste Like?

    While black tea is one of the most consumed teas, it has an aura about it that scares some people from giving it a try. Why? Because they aren't really sure what black tea tastes like. Black tea has a much bolder flavor than green tea or herbal tea. Because of the bold flavor and high caffeine, if you are transitioning from coffee, a cup of black tea may be a good place to start.
  • Woman singing with microphone needs to know the best tea for singers

    Best Tea for Singers

    Keeping a singing voice in tune can be a struggle. Whether you are a singer, teacher, or presenter, your vocal cords can get overused. Start adding in a cold bug, allergies, dusty or smoky environments, or late nights and the voice can become adversely affected. Before you step back on stage, review these seven recommendations for the best teas for singers.
  • a guide to learn about tea

    A Guide: Learn About Tea

    The term tea is sometimes used very loosely to encompass beverages that aren't actually tea. Tea refers to the leaves that come from the Camellia sinensis plant. Find out what the difference between the types of tea is in how they are processed.
  • Does chai tea have caffeine?

    Does Chai Tea have Caffeine?

    Don't you just love it when an answer to your question starts with "it depends..."? Depending on the type of tea used as the base, chai may or may not have caffeine. Traditional chai uses black tea and will have the most caffeine of the chai teas. Find out which chai has caffeine!