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boost immunity with tea

Best Tea for Immune System Strength

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mood boosting tea

Tea: The Natural Mood Booster

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  • Yerba Mate in calabash mug with bombilla

    Yerba Mate vs Coffee: Should You Switch?

    September 03 2021

    What started as a popular drink in South America is now spanning the world – Yerba Mate. This cultural drink has now become trendy with athletes and performers. But it's more than a trend, it's a great alternative to drinking coffee. Find out why!

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  • how to feel happy again - six simple steps

    How to Feel Happy Again - Six Simple Steps

    September 01 2021

    Life has its ups and downs. But it's no fun going through each day with a grey cloud hanging over your head. Go grab a cup of green tea (you'll thank me later) and read these six tips our guest author recommends to bring a smile back to your face.

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  • How to Strengthen Your Lungs

    How to Strengthen Your Lungs

    August 04 2021

    As we live through the pandemic, it's natural to be more focused on how to stay healthy and strengthen our immunity. With the lungs being particularly impacted by the virus is there a way to strengthen them? Do you know that tea can help? Read on as our guest author shares seven tips on how to strengthen your lungs.

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  • two glasses of boba tea, milk boba tea and fruit boba tea

    What is Boba Tea vs Bubble Tea?

    July 24 2021

    The Boba craze that is growing popularity in tea shops all over Asia, North America, and Europe is typically referring to the cold, frothy tea drinks made with tea, flavors, sweeteners, sometimes milk, and served with black tapioca pearls that settle at the base of your glass.

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