ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA | Slightly smoky, malty flavor

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INGREDIENTS: Black Keemun Tea


STEEP at 212° for 3-5 minutes

What is English Breakfast tea?

Wondering if English Breakfast is a black tea? The answer is yes, it is a classic and popular black tea. Some black tea blends may be labeled as English Breakfast blends, but our loose leaf tea stays true to the classic breakfast tea. After tasting our tea, you'll recognize the flavor difference.

English Breakfast tea is made of Keemun black tea leaves grown in the Anhui province of China. Green tea was China's biggest export during the late 1800s. China began to produce Keemun tea in 1875 to compete with expensive black teas from India. This type of tea swiftly gained popularity in the Western world.

What does English Breakfast tea taste like?

Made from high-quality Keemun tea leaves, this tea has a rich, slightly smoky flavor and perfectly balanced astringency. Harmonious, with a distinctively sweet aroma. Tea lovers savor this black English Breakfast tea as is or with a splash of milk. 

Does English Breakfast tea have caffeine?

Due to the high caffeine content of this tea, tea drinkers traditionally enjoyed a cup as a morning tea. It can also be enjoyed as an afternoon tea to provide an energy boost if you can handle caffeine later in the day.

How long to steep English Breakfast tea?

As a robust black tea, English Breakfast tea should be steeped at 212° for 3-5 minutes for the best flavor results.

English Breakfast tea vs Irish Breakfast tea

Both English black tea and Irish Breakfast have bold, robust flavors, tannin levels, and high caffeine content. Both make the perfect cup to go with a traditional hearty breakfast.

Irish and English teas have similar origins, but the blend of black teas varies between the two. Irish Breakfast is a blend of Ceylon and Assam black tea which gives it a more robust malty flavor than this English tea.

The flavor of English Breakfast is not as bold as you find with Irish tea, but it is still quite robust and often enjoyed with milk and sugar. 

Earl Grey vs English Breakfast

Earl Grey and English Breakfast are both popular black teas, but they have distinct differences in terms of flavor.

Earl Grey has a lighter and more delicate flavor compared to the slightly smoky and malty flavor of English Breakfast tea. Earl Grey tea is flavored with bergamot oil which adds a unique citrus and floral aroma.

Earl Grey Creme blends in a creamy vanilla flavor that enhances the natural sweetness of the tea.

If you're looking for the best English Breakfast tea, this cup will surely not disappoint. It also makes a delicious glass of iced tea.

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