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100 Biodegradable Teabags

Material: Food-grade natural wood pulp filter paper


  • 1.96 x 2.75"/5x7cm (Fits most china tea cups)
  • 2.3 x 3.14"/6x8cm (Suitable for mugs)

Made from food-grade natural wood paper, these unbleached, eco-friendly drawstring filter bags make steeping your next cup of loose tea a breeze.

Made from high-quality material, our tea bags are chlorine-free. They have undergone an ultra-violet sterilization process to assure they are safe and healthy for daily use. 

Our natural tea filter bags come in two sizes - perfect for a fancy tea cup or mug. The weight of the tea bag infuser allows the tea to permeate, releasing the delicious flavors of the tea into your cup.

Are tea bags compostable?

Make sure you know what the tea bag is made of before you toss it into the compost bin. Not all types of tea bags are the same. Manufacturers often add polypropylene to help the bag retain its shape in hot liquid. Many teabags contain up to 25% plastic!

Plastic tea bags are not able to completely decompose in the compost pile. Plus, heating plastics could allow unhealthy chemicals to leach into the tea. Our tea bags are eco-friendly and compostable, good for the planet and your health. 

After you enjoy your cup of loose leaf tea, you can feel good knowing the used teabag is completely compostable. Plus your garden can benefit from the used tea leaves!

Simple use, simple clean-up. Fill the disposable teabag with your favorite tea, and cinch the drawstring tea filter to keep the leaves contained as they steep. Place the teabag in your cup and pour the heated water over the bag. Allow it to steep as you normally would.

Use it anywhere anytime. Our compostable teabags make it convenient for you to carry anywhere. Perfect to make your favorite cup of tea at home, office, or while traveling.

How many times can you use a teabag?

Just like when you steep tea in an infuser, you can typically get 2-3 steeps out of one disposable tea filter. Each additional infusion will be a bit weaker, so you will want to steep it a bit longer for the subsequent cups. Start by adding 1-2 minutes to each additional steep, and adjust the time based on your preferred strength.

Certain teas do better with multiple steeps than others, such as black tea, green tea, and oolong tea. You may discover subtle flavor differences with each infusion.

The tightly-rolled leaves of Oolong tea makes it a perfect tea for multiple steepings. The leaves continue to unfurl with each infusion creating a more mellow and floral flavor. Milk Oolong and Jade Oolong are two teas to enjoy for several infusions.

By infusing black teas a second time you will taste a lighter, more mellow flavor. Indian tea such as our Masala Chai has more heartiness which will produce a flavorful second cup. Our Irish Breakfast tea and English Breakfast tea have a rich, malty flavors that make them perfectly suited for a second infusion.


Customer Reviews

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Hannah C. (Orlando, US)
Great useful product

Perfect, exactly what I was looking for…and it’s so nice they are compostable.

Allison S. (Bloomsburg, US)
Fully compostable

I like that these are fully compostable, and clearly have no hidden plastic by the way they handle. I wish they were a bit bigger so they would be easier to fill.

Ronald C. (Los Angeles, US)
Tea bags

After getting used to them they work wonderfully.

Susan K.
Tea Bags

These little tea bags are great for loose tea. Perfect for making up Christmas presents 🎁