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almond chai granola recipe

Best Homemade Almond Granola Recipe with Chai Tea

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Eight Great Post-Workout Protein Shakes

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  • Earl Grey banana bread

    Earl Grey Banana Bread

    June 09 2021

    Love banana bread? This recipe adds a unique layer of flavor of Earl Grey tea creating a moist, but light and fluffy bread. The toffee-like crunch of the brown sugar crust on top finishes it off with a slight caramel flavor.

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  • Lemon Turmeric Tea Cake

    Lemon Turmeric Tea Cake

    April 19 2021

    Originating in Britain, tea cakes were served with afternoon tea. This recipe incorporates thinly sliced lemons and a slight hint of spice from the turmeric, creating a tea cake that is moist, tangy, and delicious with a caramelized lemon and sugar crust.

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  • recipe for peppermint brownies with tea

    Sensational Peppermint Brownies (made with tea!)

    March 04 2021

    Try this rich and "fudgy" brownie recipe. A Sensational Peppermint Brownie recipe that uses peppermint tea leaves to produce a complex mint flavor that is out of this world! Frosted with white chocolate drizzle for a beautiful finish.

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  • How to Make a Hot Tea Toddy - 7 Easy Hot Toddy Recipes with Tea

    How to Make a Hot Toddy Tea | 7 Easy Hot Toddy Recipes with Tea

    February 09 2021

    If you're staying cozy indoors, or fresh off the slopes, hot toddies are the perfect drink to warm everything up. Try some of these classic hot tea toddy recipes that are simple to make using hot water, whiskey, honey, lemon and your favorite tea. 

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